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We are Gentle Giraffe Press, an educational publisher and creative content provider. Our mission is to give children fun foundations and build their confidence through a love of learning. We believe the more they know, the further they'll go.

Books Written and Illustrated for Sundance Resorts

Sundance is proud to present their exclusive children’s books available only at the Sundance General Store. Written in collaboration with experts at the resort, Gentle Giraffe Press president Corkey Hay DeSimone wrote and illustrated compelling kid’s books on the wildlife of the Wasatch Mountains with an emphasis on conservation.

Sundance offers Wasatch Wildlife in a colorful toddler board book, a hard back book with more detailed information about each animal and thought provoking information on conservation, as well as a coloring & activity book with fun puzzles and coloring pages. 

Visit the General Store or the Sundance website today to see these unique additions!

Books for Our Youngest Learners
Each of our board books was designed to teach a specific educational mission. Whether it be for the Smithsonian, National Zoo or groups around the country, we research, design and develop content that teaches children.
Pocket Guides, Maps and Apps for Kids and Teens
Our unique pocket guides can be custom developed to convey any educational message regardless of whether your message is about a destination, energy, resources, animals, history, science, etc. Our pocket guides are filled with fun facts and interactive puzzles, polls, myths and maps. The kids have so much fun they hardly realize their learning. 

We create custom maps that are more than maps. They are scavenger hunts and quests for knowledge. Contact us
App Consulting and Development
Kids and teens are among the top end users of apps. As we see the evolution of the apps become more and more specialized, we realize this medium has unimagined opportunities and possibilities.

We provide consulting and development of apps. We help our clients look at the ROI and research the viability and functionality of their finished product.
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Books and
Educational Campaigns
What would you like to teach young people? We provide full service turn-key development of custom educational campaigns.

We develop books and materials specific to your mission with the expressed goal of education.
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Does Your Website Speak to Children, Teachers
and Families?
A website is very much like an online book. It tells your story. We can develop linked kids pages on your site or develop a stand-alone site that links to your parent site. Learn more

Do you already have a good solution in place? Do you simply want a second opinion? Your site might just need to be reorganized, refreshed or updated.
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