Gentle Giraffe Press

Promotional Products

You Are What You Use – Set the Right Tone and Send the Right Message
The products you use say a lot about who you are. Do you need to source made in USA products? Do your products need to be green? How long is the shelf life and usability of your promotional products? Are you sure you are offering the right products to children, families and educators?

We have your best interests at heart. Be smart, invest well, we'll help. We source or develop products that are appropriate to children and families and that are cost-effective solutions to your promotional needs.

We are a contract printer. We can do all the pre-press including art, separations, films and screens. Not sure what products to print on? We will offer you a selection of items with a range of prices. Choose from our extensive catalog of promotional items.

Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment and for more information.